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'tell me your wish'

Natsume Rika
13 December 1992
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♥ Call me Rika, Izu-chii or This user-name, doesn't matter XD
♥ A typical girl, who squeals a lot. fangirlism is top priority,spazz a lot about bishies.
Yoosu Hardcore fan
♥ Taking Computer,Math,Physic and GP as the subjects
♥ Not beautiful nor cute, average-looking.
♥ but surely have some guts to loves bishies HAHAH
♥ Loves Money, Your Money is My Money HAHAH
♥ Is very stingy, but can be very generous :P
♥ Not known by the others, stay reserved in her circle.
♥ Talkative, if you bring up the subjects :p (and i can bet you with the crack as well)

♥♥love me, and i will <3 you too ^___^
KimJongHyun is the only soulmate,
ChoiMinho is the silent prince,son of Eunhae
KimJaejoong is the firstlove , park yoochun is the adorkable slave
Yoosu is the gay partner.
Donghae is the smex beast and Kibum is my hawt romeo

Song Seunghyun is my weird victim, Choi Jonghun is
the knight shining armor

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