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17 July 2010 @ 12:45 am
I can't stop it!  
Title:  I can't stop it!
Author:  sakuracelestial
Pairing: Various pairing
Genre: Comedy, Crack.
Rating: PG13-15?
Summary:  Just by shouting "stop", The owner able to stop his dog for 3 minutes. But then this dog ain't ordinary dog; this dog is a person just like his owner,  just that this dog just too 'wild' and 'perverted' in nature. But then, this person who called 'dog' won't let themselves fall for the word 'stop' easily, because they are sneaky. How will this owner stop this 'dog' completely without getting harass by their 'dog' ? It's a story of different pairings on how they use their power to stop their 'dogs'.
-.-" basically; the owner have a dog that is their partner under their control, but the dog won't let the owner control them that easily =.="
Author's note: it's like short collection of oneshot (ficlet?) under the same title :D
Warning: very fuglish grammar D: sorry about that. and also random-ness overload. :"D


'I have a dog....''

There it was...The dark-haired man sit on the bench, placing his chin on his hand, resting on his leg.

'This dog ain't fierce and wild like others'

In front of him, there's a group of girls surrounded on something, it was a dirty-blonde haired boy, who smiled elegantly to those girls, making that man's heart skipped a beat.

'this dog is more like....'

The boy saw the man in front of him and widen his eyes, but the man just smiled in return.

'Don't mind me i'll wait here' the man said, the boy just smiled back innocently.

'a cute and innocent puppy'

"Oww You just soo adorable" the one of the girls said, pinching the fair-skin of that blonde boy.

"Thank youuu!" He smiled cutely, and everyone began to squee and the other girl managed to ruffles the dirty-blonde hair in return.

'AISHHH! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!' Doojoon groaned in his head, messed up his hair,okay the gel are all over his hands right now, but he doesn't care. but then he quickly redo his hair back into original state AGAIN, when the blonde boy took a peek on him. Doojoon smiled and gave a sign 'don't worry, get back to your work.'

Then when the boy was going to answer Doojoon's smile, suddenly other swarm of girls distracted the boy from answering him.

He wanted to say 'Stop' To Yeosob, yes, he want that cute boy stop to flirt with those girls! He is getting annoyed watching those girls all around him. But then he realized something.

'Damn it, why did i introduced Yeosob to those girls at first place' Doojoon again messed up his head , and bang his head on the bench. It 's his own fault afterall. Urgh, bad choice of him at first place.

'Relax... Relax' Doojoon told himself. Tapping his shoe on the floor, he waited for 2 hours and waited for another hours , with a little hope that it will end soon.

Another hour pass by, the girls seems doesn't ease from before, Doojoon began to tap harder and faster his shoe.

Another hour,

He tap even more faster, the red annoying mark getting bigger in size now.

But then , as time goes by, the girls seems increasing in amount and now, Doojoon only could see the girls' butt.


"YEOSOB!!" Doojoon huffed in anger and everyone shocked in horror and all over place as he stared everyone with his deadly glare, and now only those two left in that place.Yeosob quickly flinched and did his long jumped, clinging on Doojoon's shoulder. The blonde boy tilted his head cutely and mewled.

=.= " You mewed?"

"Ah! Um! Sorry!" Yeosob widen his eyes and coughed and make a cute puppy sound. "S-Sorry"

"Yeosob" Doojoon huffed , patted yeosob's head in return." Just stop it for today alright"

"I was waiting for you to say that nyaa"


"I mean-uh um! Roarr!!" Yeosob startled.

Doojoon laughed and ruffled the boy's hair. "Adorable"


They both froze. They watched a boy, named Onew running along the hallway, shouting for the drumstick, yes, walking drumstick.

"CHICKEN! STOP YAH!" instead of stopping, the drumsticks running even faster.

"YAH!" and they both watch Onew chasing over the walking drumsticks.

'Crap!' Doojoon, his eyes widening knowing to the fact that he couldn't stand much longer as this boy infront of him still clinging on his neck and soon after that, they both fell on the floor.



'hello there, my name is HyunSeung. Like the others, i also have a dog'

HyunSeung Sit there on the floor innocently with his cute frown. 'Where is he' HyunSeung pouted, he has been sitting here for 30 minutes, and the person that he waiting for hasn't come yet. HyunSeung looked at the floor, poking the floor until he heard fimiliar voice in the area, he quickly look up and turned to the right and saw him, with girls surrounded him.

'Yes, that man is my dog.'


'as always i usually spotted him with random whores *cough*.'

"JunHyung Oppa~ Are you going to be-" Those girl surrounded him flirting to JunHyung with no shame which annoyed HyunSeung.

"Yes, Babe." Junhyung smiled, and the girls that hold on his arm dies instantly. JunHyung took glance around and saw HyunSeung squatting, and they made an eye-contact.

'Jun-' HyunSeung looked at him with his innocent look and Junhyung just stared at him just like that, it was quick glance
'hyung' HyunSeung helplessly watched Junhyung resume to escort these 'girls', ignoring his owner who still sit on the floor. HyunSeung bit his lower lips, frustruated that Junhyung would ignore him just like that.

'no, don't ignore me' HyunSeung frowned, wait he still have a chance to stop him right? Afterall, Junhyung is not that far from him. but then he couldn't stand, the only thing is he could do now is order his 'dog' to stop.

"Stop" HyunSeung said, but then his soft voice couldn't reach the younger boy.

'JunHyung Stop' HyunSeung helplessly said it again, and once again, his voice couldn't reach that man as the girls' squeeling and voice consuming his voice.


HyunSeung widen his eyes, noticed that those people are going to be far away from him.


He slowly closing his eyes, he reached out his hand to JunHyung. they already making their way turning the otherside of the corridor there's no hope for him to call him

Aish, he's really pissed off of the girls touching Junhyung's cheek, arm, hand. because Junhyung is belongs to-

"STOP!" HyunSeung shouted with all of his strength.


HyunSeung slowly opened his eyes and saw nothing. It was Silence.... there's no one there, except him and the school corridor.

HyunSeung frowned and then sighed 'How could he did this again to me. Oh well.' As he going to stand up, he turned himself and widen his eyes in horror.

"BWOAH! H-Ho" The elder shuttered , facing to JunHyung who actually behind him back then and now froze in 'iamgoingtoeatyou' pose. "howcomeyougethere!?"

JunHyung chuckled. "Aish, what the pain in the ass" he said, giving HyunSeung dumbfoundedly curious.

"You stopped me in bad timing" Junhyung sighed and gave a tender smile to older man. "I was going to give you a hug"

HyunSeung gave a look and then smiled. "But then you don't have to scare me like that"

"well, you should know me that well, Seungie-ah. Since i am your d-" JunHyung widen his eyes, when HyunSeung hugged him.

"No, You are my boyfriend"

JunHyung chuckled. "But then.. Seunggie-ah"

"hmm?" HyunSeung tilted his head cutely

"You did that again"

"Did what?"

*JunHyung's POV*

There was i coming out from the classroom, looking at my watch, i knew that 30 minutes pass by and i seriously need to find him right now

"JunHyung-ah come with us" the one girl hold my arm. "You promise us right?"

"No, i'm sorry. i have a date with someone now"

And so, i ditched those girls and quickly ran to hyunSeung from which i saw, he was sitting there alone. i smirked evilly thought that i would scare him from the back, i tiptoed to the back and as i was going to hug him, he suddenly reach out his arm, smacking my pretty face all of the sudden.

'WHY YOU SEUNGI-' I get annoyed and goes to 'eat him up from the back' that when he shouted "STOP!!"

And there is i froze like that.

*end of of flashback*

"You day-dreamed again. and you scared me to hell, what the hell you reach your hand to the air like idiot" JunHyung cried out, smacking his boyfriend for being 4-D.


Hehe! I hope you all like it lol :D

loveb2stsomuchloveb2stsomuch on July 18th, 2010 02:30 am (UTC)
Heehee :D
The blonde boy tilted his head cutely and mewled.

=.= " You mewed?"

Teehee <3 I can sooo imagine Yoseob mewing ^^

Hahaha, this was really cute :3